Valve Packing Material: VEE Packing

What is Valve Packing?

In linear control valves, such as Kimray’s High Pressure Control Valves, the linear motion of the stem is an essential design feature that allows the accurate control of the fluid or gas flowing through the valve.

Through the linear motion of the stem, the valve moves the valve plug to and away from the valve seat in order to adjust the opening of the valve orifice as needed depending on various process variables, such as flow, pressure, or temperature.

The valve packing material maintains a seal between the valve and valve stem, preventing the process fluid from releasing from the valve, especially while the stem is in motion.

Due to its position and exposure to production fluid, valve packing is one of the valve components most vulnerable to deterioration due to heat and pressure.

Valve Packing Material

When control valves run into issues with fugitive emissions, it’s often due to the the packing. If temperatures and pressures rise, these materials begin to deteriorate more rapidly if we have not specified the correct valve packing material for the application.

Standard packing comes with a Teflon sleeve and Buna rings. 

Producers using Kimray High Pressure Control Valves have seen success in production with higher temperatures using VEE packing.

How VEE Packing in a High Pressure Control Valve Works

VEE packing is a chevron-shaped packing made of robust Teflon or Grafoil material. It is designed to increase stability and sealing, even with increased load and higher temperatures.

Here’s how it works: 

  • With a pre-loaded spring on bottom, the packing expands slightly and creates a tight seal between the stem and the valve body.
  • During oil and gas production, the additional pressure from the process exerts more force on the packing. The packing then expands even more to create a tighter seal.
  • This action prevents production fluid from leaking from the valve and keeps it headed where you want it—downstream.

 To speak with an expert about what valve packing material is best for your operation, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributors

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