Electric Pilot on a well site

The Way We See It: the Digital Oilfield

A global study by Deloitte found that the oil and gas industry is one of the last to arrive at what it called “digital maturity.” In our our view there are two primary reasons for this: power and market conditions. Power in the Digital Oilfield The majority of well sites are not close to major
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Product Notice: YAK Discontinued, Replaced with New YAK2

This product notice is to inform you that we are discontinuing the YAK, and replacing it with the new YAK2. We are discontinuing the YAK I/P Transducer and introducing the new YAK2 to better serve our customers. This new I/P comes pre-sealed and pre-terminated with six feet of wire, making it suitable for a hazardous
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Oil and Gas Wellsite Safety 101

Oil and Gas Wellsite Safety 101

Any time you are working in an oil and gas field there are hazards you need to be aware of.   In this oil and gas safety video, we’ll show you how to spot some of these hazards and take the appropriate action so you go home safe at the end of the day.   Before You Leave the
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How to Operate Kimray's Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator

How to Operate Kimray’s Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator

The Kimray Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator is a dependable, easy-to-operate solution for holding back pressure on an oil and gas vessel.   In this video, Mike explains how it works. Why Use this Regulator? The primary reason you would want to use the spring-loaded back pressure regulator over a pilot-operated regulator is that it requires no instrument gas. This
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Gun Barrel Tank

A Brief Guide to Water Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Many often overlook water management in the oil and gas industry. There are approximately 1 million producing oil gas wells in United States, and altogether they produce 21 billion barrels of water per year. That’s 58 million barrels of water each day—twice the amount that flows over Niagara Falls in 24 hours. This is why
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