Kimray’s Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus

UPDATE: 2020-07-15, 10:00 AM CST Attention Texas customers: In consideration of your personal safety and that of our team members, we have moved to curbside service only at all of our Texas stores. Please contact your local store prior to your visit for details.    Kilgore, TX – 903-808-6529   Corpus Christi, TX – 361-443-5901  Houston, TX
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Meet the T-Body High Pressure Control Valve | Podcast Episode #18

In this episode we are joined by Brian Levings, Kimray Product Manager, to learn about an exciting new product designed specifically to stand up to erosive production fluid. Topics include:   Why was the T-Body Control Valve created?  What all has gone into the development process?  What are some of the key features?  How has it
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Blanket Gas Regulator

What is a Blanket Gas Regulator? 

A blanket gas regulator is a control device that holds a small amount of pressure on a storage tank.  Why Use a Blanket Gas Regulator?   Producers use a blanket gas regulator primarily for safety reasons.   If you’re familiar with the fire triangle, you know that a fire needs three things to ignite: fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source.   By holding natural
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Hydrocarbon Dew Point

What is Hydrocarbon Dew Point?

Hydrocarbon dew point—abbreviated HDP or HCDP—is a term unfamiliar to many oil and gas producers, but it has a significant effect on the processes in our industry.   Hydrocarbon dew point is the temperature at which the hydrocarbon components of a natural gas begin to condense out of the gaseous phase into a liquid phase.  The maximum temperature at
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upstream oil and gas automation

6 Key Terms in Upstream Oil and Gas Automation

Upstream oil and gas automation refers to the growing trend of using electronic and digital tools to control production processes. For some, this is cause for excitement as they see opportunities for efficiency gains and lower emissions.  For others, it’s cause for anxiety as they feel intimidated by the seeming complexities of electric power.   In this video, Kimray Applications
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Dump Valve Washout Issues

Dump Valve Problems in the Anadarko Woodford

We recently received a call from a producer in the Anadarko Woodford who was experiencing dump valve problems. We went out to see what we could do. Here are the results. Well Conditions Known Vessel Design: Bucket and weir water knockout Oil: 520 Bbl/D Water: 730 Bbl/D Gas: 8.2 Mmcf/D Knockout Vessel Pressure: 220 psi Downstream Pressure: 60 psi
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