Instalar y Calibrar un Actuador Lineal Electrico

Instalar y Calibrar un Actuador Lineal Eléctrico

Hoy vamos a instalar y calibrar un actuador eléctrico Valvcon con un adaptador R2L en una válvula de control de alta presión Kimray de 2 pulgadas. Para este proceso necesitarás lo siguiente: una llave de 7/16 pulgadas una llave de ½ pulgada una llave Allen de 3/16 un desarmador para terminales un Lazo de control
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Crude Oil Samples

Types of Crude Oil: Heavy vs Light, Sweet vs Sour, and TAN count

What is Crude Oil? What are we referring to when we talk about oil? Crude oil is a black liquid found in geological formations. It is a fossil fuel, which means it is formed from dead organisms that are buried under intense heat and pressure. But not all crudes are alike. There are three primary
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Two LACT Units in a Field

What Does a LACT Unit Do?

A LACT unit is a piece of oil and gas equipment used to sample and measure oil so it can be transferred from one company to another.  What does LACT Stand For? LACT stands for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer. The custody of the oil is usually transferred from an upstream oil and gas producer to a
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Calculadora Del Tamaño De La Bomba De Glicol

La herramienta de dimensionamiento de glicol le permite dimensionar y seleccionar la bomba adecuada para su sistema de deshidratación. Funciona tanto para bombas eléctricas como para bombas de intercambio de energía. Para llegar a ella desde la página de ignicio, haga un clic en el botón que dice Tamaño o (Sizing) y luego en la
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What is a Gas Pressure Regulator Used For?

Producers use Kimray Gas Pressure Regulators in numerous applications to provide control of oil and gas production processes. In the video above, Kyle walks through some specific applications, options, and troubleshooting scenarios for these regulators. He also breaks down these three types of pressure regulators: Back Pressure, Pressure Reducing, and Liquid Back Pressure. Back Pressure Regulator
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