valve damage

Limit Valve Damage with the Low Pressure High Volume Valve

What Causes Valve Damage? Control valve damage is common with modern completion processes. Managing erosive production fluid is a constant battle for oil and gas producers, particularly during flowback.  Control valves take a beating from the sand and other particulates in the flow, often causing  damage to the valve trim and body. This leads to
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Product Notice | Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings Prevent Corrosion & Abrasion

Kimray has recently begun offering Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings on our products. Z-PEX is the first metal coating system designed specifically for the extreme conditions of today’s petroleum industry. It provides both base-metal corrosion resistance and surface abrasion resistance. How Does It Work? Z-PEX electro-deposits an eight-generation hybrid poly-epoxide coating over a zirconium oxide pretreated
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