What is Critical Flow Factor (Cf)

What is Critical Flow Factor (Cf)?

What is Critical Flow Factor (Cf)? Critical Flow Factor, often referred to as “Cf” is a coefficient that defines how pressure will recover after it drops to its lowest point inside the control valve. This lowest point is also referred to as the vena contracta*. All globe-style control valves have a Cf that stays consistent regardless of
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What is Cavitation?

What is Cavitation?

Cavitation is the formation and collapse of air or gas bubbles in a liquid. The bubbles are formed when liquid undergoes a rapid change of pressure and falls below the vapor pressure. They collapse when the pressure recovers. This can all happen in a very short span just after the vena contracta—the point in the valve
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Sand Issues in the United States

Flowback Sand Across the United States

The Impact of Flowback Sand In a previous blog post, we provided a quick guide for flowback and its role in the oil and gas industry. For example, one of the main components of flowback is the sand that mixes into the crude oil, natural gas, and water. Though unavoidable, sandy flowback can significantly slow
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Well Site in the Anadarko Basin

SCOOP & STACK: 3 Popular Kimray Products in Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin

Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK are two prominent oil and gas plays in the Anadarko Basin. SCOOP stands for South Central Oklahoma Oil Province. The SCOOP play is located southern part of the Anadarko. STACK stands for Sooner Trend Anadarko Canadian Kingfisher. However, it is also called the STACK because of the layered shale plays in
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High Pressure Control Valve being used at a Williston Basin Well Site

Bakken Oil Production: 3 Popular Kimray Products in the Williston Basin

Originally discovered in 1953, the Bakken Formation is a rock unit in the Williston Basin. It stretches underneath Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota as well as parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Since the shale boom beginning in the late 2000s, the Bakken has become 1 of only 10 oil fields globally that yield over
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