Types of Liquid Control Valves

What is a Liquid Control Valve?

A liquid control valve regulates the flow of liquid. There are many varieties of liquid control valve. In this article, we’ll cover three common types: a High Pressure Control Valve, a Treater Valve, and a Dump Valve. High Pressure Control Valve A High Pressure Control Valve is a highly versatile product that can be used in both liquid and
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How to Troubleshoot a Treater Valve

Troubleshooting a Kimray Treater Valve

Experiencing operational issues with your Kimray Treater Valve? In this video, we explain three possible reasons for this and show you how to correct them. Troubleshooting the Treater Valve If your Kimray Treater Valve is opening and closing too quickly or not holding tight level control, this usually indicates an issue with the valve equalizing line.
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Why You Should Always Double Block and Bleed

Any time you’re going to work on a valve, separator, or other piece of equipment on a well site, we highly recommend you use the practice “Double Block and Bleed.” The Hiss Maybe you’ve had this experience. You’re going to repair a valve that’s in line. You know this means you need to block off
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Flowback Equipment: A Dump Valve Designed to Handle Sand

Flowback Equipment: A Dump Valve Designed to Handle Sand

Flowback equipment takes a beating from sand. Because of their flow paths, valves are particularly vulnerable to damage. Stems, cages, diaphragms, seats, and sometimes even the valve bodies can be compromised. In this video, Kimray Account Manager Kyle Andrews demonstrates the Kimray Dump Valve that works best in this application. What is Flowback? The flowback
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Vertical Separators at a Well Site-01

3-Phase Separators: An Overview

Produced well fluids consist of various amounts of oil, water, natural gas, and sediment. The first step in oil and gas production is to split the flow up into its individual components with a separator. A three-phase separator uses gravity to separate produced well fluid into gas, oil, and water phases. These vessels are installed
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