Three Quick Tips for Operating the Electric Pilot

The Kimray Electric Pilot is a stand-alone electric controller that controls pressure, flow, temperature, or level. This valve pilot features an interactive screen. It allows you to control your process conditions without the use of a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), or any other computing hardware. In this video, Kimray’s Electric Product Manager Alex
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Kimray SIOP Team

Investing in the Customer Experience: “SIOP” and Kimray’s New Distribution Center

The “L Word” Since the rapid bounce back of the oil and gas industry in 2017, “Lead Time” has been a central concern for Kimray and our customers. We know how crucial it is to have product available when you are ready to produce a well. In order to get our valves and control equipment
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Kimray's Midstream Products

Which Ball Valve Types are Ideal for Midstream Applications?

Kimray is now offering a full a range of midstream products, including a variety of ball valve types, actuators, and glycol pumps. Midstream Challenges Midstream oil and gas companies are responsible for getting produced energy from the field to the processing plant. To do this they have to gather, compress, process, store and transport natural gas, oil
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Product Notice: Mechanical Dump Valves & Trunnion Assemblies

Product Notice: Mechanical Dump Valves & Trunnion Assemblies

This product notice is to inform you that some mechanical dump valves and trunnion assemblies are experiencing performance issues. In our mechanical dump valves and trunnion assemblies, the angular play in the D-shaped hub/shaft connections stack up to allow excess movement. This can inhibit proper operation. We have identified 3 areas of improvement that will
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Gas Refinery

Midstream Oil and Gas Processing: What are Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)?

Natural gas liquids (NGLs) are hydrocarbons extracted during the gas refining process that are used to create hundreds of products, from clothing and household items to feedstock for industrial machines. From the Field to the Plant Energy producers begin the process of separation from the moment they extract natural gas from a well. The initial
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