What is a Treater Valve?

treater valve

A treater valve is a mechanical on/off valve designed to hold liquid level. A treater valve is used in oil and gas production vessels such as heater treaters, free water knockouts, and saltwater disposal systems.

How Do Treater Valves Work?

The treater valve actuates based on the hydrostatic pressure generated from a column of liquid in the discharge piping from a vessel. The height of water column can be field adjusted by moving the weight on the arm in or out.

The inlet of the valve is connected to the water siphon leg or oil discharge line of a heater treater or free water knockout. Vessel Gas Pressure (in red below) is communicated to the Upper Housing to balance the Gas Pressure (in green below) under the Main Diaphragm.

The effective area of the Balancing Diaphragm is the same as the effective area of the Seat. Pressure or vacuum acting on either side of the Balancing Diaphragm will cancel the pressure or vacuum acting on the Seat. This balancing feature prevents the valve from slamming open and closed, which is prevalent in unbalanced single seat construction.

treater valve

The Vessel Gas Pressure (Red) inside the Upper Housing acts upwardly on the Balancing Diaphragm to cancel the downward pressure on the Seat. Downstream Pressure (Blue) acting on the Seat is communicated to the top side of Balancing Diaphragm. This cancels any downstream pressure or vacuum effect on the valve operation.

The force to hold the seat closed is applied by a weight and lever through a rotary Teflon-packed stuffing box to a Pivot Stem, which pushes down on the Diaphragm Assembly. When the liquid rises in the discharge piping of the vessel above the set level, it lifts the Diaphragm Assembly against the Weight load to open the valve. As liquid is discharged to lower the level, the Weight closes the valve.

What Options are Available?

Liquid level may be adjusted up to approximately four feet by moving one weight on the lever arm. Additional weights may be added if a higher liquid level is desired.

In the video below, Kimray Applications Technician Kyle Andrews demonstrates the range and various levels of liquid head the treater valve will hold depending on the amount and location of weights on the arm.

Applications for a Treater Valve

  • Treaters
  • Free Water Knockouts
  • Saltwater Disposal

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