What is a Natural Gas Valve?

Kimray Back Pressure Regulator, a Natural Gas Valve

Natural Gas Production

When producers drill a well, the fluid they recover is typically a mixture of oil, water, and natural gas.

In some areas, natural gas is critical to the production of oil and gas. Companies often use it as fuel gas for burners and pneumatic valves across their production sites. Some producers also dehydrate, compress, and eventually sell natural gas to midstream companies.

Midstream companies supply the gas to industrial, commercial, and residential customers. These customers purchase this gas and use it in many different ways, including cooking, heating, and power generation.

Some automobiles now also run on compressed natural gas, or “CNG”. Many energy experts are projecting demand for CNG and LNG (liquefied natural gas) to grow steeply in the next decade.

Natural Gas Valve

While some Kimray valves are designed to handle liquid, others, like the back pressure regulator, are considered natural gas valves because they are used in gas applications.

In systems requiring burners, such as heater treaters or gas dehydrators, gas is diverted through a natural gas valve like the electrically powered E-LO Control Valve. The valve receives a signal from a temperature sensor. It then opens or closes to provide a corresponding flow of that gas into the vessel’s fire tube. This in turn heats the vessel in order to maintain the desired temperature.

For pneumatic natural gas valves, producers typically utilize natural gas from the system or compressed air to operate the valve. The gas or air goes through a valve pilot. The pilot provides gas to the valve’s actuator, telling it to open or close based on a desired set point. 

For midstream natural gas applications, Kimray offers ball valves for on/off applications as well as quarter-turn control valves with large gas flow capacities.

If you would like more information about how our natural gas valves can help your operation, contact your local Kimray store our authorized distributor.

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