Use the 125# Spring in Ductile and Steel Regulators

Focus on the Setpoint

A number of compressor operators who require the higher design pressure regulators are trying to set the regulators at 5 to 10 psi. Although the 300 pound spring used in the ductile and steel regulators should theoretically provide setpoints as low as 5 psi, it is not really practical to try to reach that low.

If you know that you will be controlling at pressures less than 40 or 50 psi, and especially below 20 psi, we recommend that you use the 125 pound spring. This will provide better control, cause you or your customer fewer headaches, and it will allow you to help you do a better job.

The Solution

For a 1″ Regulator you will need:

• Two Part No. 3005 Spring Plate

• One Part No. 3007 Spring

For a 2″ Regulator you will need:

• Two Part No. 103 Spring Plate

• One Part No. 104 Spring

 For low set points, a 30 HPG Pilot would use the same parts.

The Best Solution

The very best solution for controlling under 20 PSI is the Ounces Regulator. With three spring options, you can precisely control:

• .5 ounces to 2.5 PSI

• 2.5 PSI to 5 PSI

• 5 PSI to 20 PSI


It is not good practice to use a “One Size Fits All” theory when selecting a regulator. Encourage your customer that you can help her/him select a regulator that is specifically suited to their needs.

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