Troubleshooting a Kimray Treater Valve

Experiencing operational issues with your Kimray Treater Valve? In this video, we explain three possible reasons for this and show you how to correct them.

Troubleshooting the Treater Valve

If your Kimray Treater Valve is opening and closing too quickly or not holding tight level control, this usually indicates an issue with the valve equalizing line.

Here are three things to check:

  1. If there are sections of your equalizing line tubing that droop, liquids can collect there and affect the accuracy of your equalizing gas to the Treater Valve. This is especially true in cold weather, when the liquids can freeze. The fix for this is to run your tubing on a consistent decline all the way to the drip pot on the treater valve. This will allow all of the liquids to drain out. Remember to drain the drip pot daily, especially in cold weather.
  2. Your equalizing line may be tubed up too close to the back pressure valve on your gas line. When the back pressure valve opens to release pressure from the vessel, it creates a slight difference between the actual vessel pressure and what the equalizing line is sensing close to the back pressure valve. The fix for this is to run your Treater Valve equalizing line to a place on your vessel that isn’t as subject to the abrupt pressure change.
  3. Your burner valve may be pulling gas from the Treater Valve’s equalizing line. When the burner valve opens, it sends gas into the burner to increase temperature. When this happens, it can rob gas from your equalizing line and create a difference between the actual vessel pressure and what the equalizing line is sensing. The fix for this is to tube up your equalizing line to a place where it that is not subject to volume changes when the burner kicks on.

If you have questions about this or any other Kimray product, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.

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Jason Andrews serves as a Business Development Manager for Kimray in the MidCon. He works with small and large producers, OEMs, and engineering firms to find the most effective solutions for controlling their operations.

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