The Kimray R2L Adapter

Introducing the new Kimray R2L Adapter—a durable, simple and effective way to maintain control within an automated production site.


The Kimray R2L Adapter translates rotary motion into linear motion. It allows any ISO-5211 rotary actuator to be coupled with an industry standard Kimray High Pressure Control Valve. This combination provides a smart, automated, zero-emission solution for your production site.


-Allows the use of any (common) ISO-5211 quarter-turn electric actuator with the Kimray HPCV

-Utilizes common Kimray actuator hardware and installs easily

-Designed to retrofit existing valves

-Over-travel loading ensures tight control (Shut off)

-Sealed roller bearings provide smooth operation

-Weather-tight assembly

-Highly efficient transfer—higher than lead screw or ball screw

-Maintenance free


Pressure Control

Dump Valve

Safety Shut Down

Flow Control
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Curtis Winkle serves as Kimray’s Content Writer. He works with Kimray product managers, engineers, and regional representatives to create practical, educational articles and videos to help producers get the most out of Kimray products and solutions.