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Well Site in the Anadarko Basin

SCOOP & STACK: 3 Popular Kimray Products in Oklahoma’s Anadarko Basin

Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK are two prominent oil and gas plays in the Anadarko Basin. SCOOP stands for South Central Oklahoma Oil Province. The SCOOP play is located southern part of the Anadarko. STACK stands for Sooner Trend Anadarko Canadian Kingfisher. However, it is also called the STACK because of the layered shale plays in
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Flowback Wellsite in the Woodford Shale

Flowback: A Quick Guide

Flowback is the first stage of production after a well has been opened. In this guide, we’ll briefly explain the flowback process, the job of a flowback operator, and some unique challenges the flowback phase presents. 5 Stages of Oil Well Production The process of producing a well follows five broad stages:  Drilling—the ground is punctured
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