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Air-Con Actuator

Vapor Recovery Tower: How One Producer Used Automation to Achieve Control of a VRT

Background A customer had a new well in the SCOOP, and they were looking for help with their Vapor Recovery Tower. Challenge A Vapor Recovery Tower—often abbreviated “VRT”—is a vertical pressure vessel designed to capture the vapor off of oil. Producers typically install vapor recovery towers between production separators and liquid storage tanks. A VRT
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Compressor Station in the Powder River Basin

How A Gas Compressor Station Works

What is a Natural Gas Compressor Station? The natural gas compressor station plays a vital role in the oil and gas industry. Companies construct these stations along natural gas pipelines and use them to compress gas so it can continue flowing downstream to its final destination, which may be a processing facility, a storage tank,
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V-Port Ball Valve on a Metering Skid

A V-Port Ball Valve can provide control in many applications. In this piece we’ll look at its operation in holding back pressure on a gross liquid metering skid. Application: Ball Valve on a Metering Skid A Kimray customer in California had a metering skid near the their wellhead. It’s installation purpose was to test the well and
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Control Valve Symbols Chart

The Most Common Control Valve Symbols on a P&ID

The control valve symbols on a P&ID differ depending on the type of valve specified for the application. In this article, we will identify the most commonly used control valve symbols. Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Before the completion of a well, a Facilities Engineer creates a diagram of all the piping and instrumentation designated
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What is a 3-Piece Ball Valve?

A 3-piece ball valve is a valve that swings open on both ends in order to provide easy access to the valve’s internals for maintenance and repair purposes. 3-Piece Ball Valve Features Our Multi-Choice and Tri-Pro valves are dynamic, high-performance 3-piece valves that are long lasting, cost effective, and easy to repair. They provide four
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