Summer as a Marketing Intern

Kimray Marketing Interns

This summer the Marketing Department added three interns, Gage, Gabrielle and Logan, to their team. Marketing has enjoyed getting to know them as they help with several projects for the marketing department. They have been able to learn about marketing in the oil and gas industry, as well as marketing the Kimray Way.

Gage Bullard joined the marketing team this summer for his fourth internship at Kimray. He is currently a student at Oklahoma Baptist University studying Education in Secondary Mathematics. While marketing might not be his end goal, he is enjoying learning about different aspects of marketing in the oil and gas industry. He is hoping to become a high school math teacher upon graduation, so dealing with content, making presentations, and learning about the importance of relationships has all been very beneficial. Having relatives in the Kimray family, Gage has known about Kimray all his life. It has been a good experience working with the Marketing team and learning about the company from a marketing standpoint.

Gabrielle Long joined the Kimray Marketing team as an intern after completing her sophomore year at Loyola University Chicago. She is majoring in marketing and finance with an minor in entrepreneurship. Going into the internship she did not really have specific expectations, but hoped to learn as much as she could, gain real world experience, and learn more about Kimray and the work environment they strive to have. In her time at Kimray, she has learned about CRM, how Kimray manages and writes their blogs, the basics of the oil and gas industry, account based marketing, and more. She plans on taking what she has learned back with her to school for a clearer understanding in her marketing classes, as well as being able to apply it in her future career. Gabrielle has very much enjoyed working at Kimray and is very grateful for how welcoming and engaging everyone has been. She is excited to continue to learn and is thankful to have the opportunity to intern at Kimray this summer.

Along with Gabrielle and Gage, Logan Mason is a new intern at Kimray and is a sophomore from Auburn University studying Business Management and Supply Chain Management. Coming into the internship, Logan was not sure what he was getting himself into, but after learning about CRM and the various tactics the marketing department uses to organize their customer accounts, he is glad he was able to be a part of that process, which helped him better understand a part of what marketing does. Even though his major will not be in marketing, he hopes his experience this summer will help him better understand his coworkers across multiple fields as he transitions into jobs more associated with his major. Kimray has been extremely eye opening as to what a company should be like, and he has no doubt that the great time he has had at Kimray is due to how well Kimray’s culture flows throughout the company.

The Kimray Marketing Team listens in on a presentation by intern Gabrielle

The Marketing department has enjoyed having these three interns around this summer. Gage, Gabrielle, and Logan have been able to complete CRM tasks, present about marketing concepts, and learn about creating marketing content for Kimray. They will continue to learn more as the summer progresses, and they look forward to using the skills and knowledge they have acquired to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

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