Solutions for Erosive Conditions in Woodford Shale

Sandy Conditions in Woodford Shale

Recently, I met a with Kimray customer who had operations in the Woodford Shale. This well had been online for a few months, and they were getting a huge amount of sand in their production. This resulted in three time-consuming and costly issues: 

  1. The customer was having to empty their sand separators at least twice daily.
  2. All of their 90-degree pipe turns from the wellhead to their inlet separator were being subjected to premature wear due to the sand in their fluid and erosional velocity. In order to remedy this, they had to install swoop 90-degree turns to decrease the wear on their piping.
  3. They were experiencing rapid trim washout on their Kimray 2200 High Pressure Control Valves that they were using as dump valves on their inlet separator.

Valve Trim Washout

As the Account Manager for this customer, I met them in the field to troubleshoot the issue with the valve trim.

After investigating, we discovered that the Liquid Level Controllers that they were using on their separator were malfunctioning and not venting off all of the supply gas from the dump valves. As a result, the High Pressure Control Valves were not being allowed to fully close.

Since the dump valves were constantly barely cracked open, and continuously bleeding downstream, the sand still present in the fluid was washing the trim out very quickly.


Our recommendation was twofold: 

  1. Switch the dump valve trim material from standard D2 steel to our more erosion-resistant carbide trim.
  2. Use Gen II Liquid Level Controllers on their separator to provide the appropriate amount of supply gas to allow the dump valves to operate correctly.


These changes allowed the dump valves to close completely, eliminating the issue of constant erosion. Whereas the customer was changing the valve trim out once a week, the valves have now been operating for over five weeks without the need for a trim change.

Jason Andrews serves as an Account Manager at Kimray. He provides Kimray product training and works with producers to identify project solutions.