Reversing Your High Pressure Control Valve From Fail Close to Fail Open

The Kimray High Pressure Control Valve is a versatile solution that features field-reversible topworks for easy field conversions. Need to reverse the function from fail open to fail close for a different application? For example, maybe you have been using a the valve as a suction controller on the inlet of a compressor, in which case you had it set to fail open, and now you want to use it for back pressure service, to hold pressure on a three-phase separator—in which case you would want the valve set up to fail open.

In this 3-minute video, Kimray Account Manager Jason Andrews shows you how to convert the topworks on a Kimray High Pressure Control valve from fail closed to fail open.


Step 1: Remove the upper adjustment screw and bonnet bolts.

Step 2: Remove the bonnet, upper spring plate, spring, and lower spring plate.

Step 3: Before you loosen the coupling block, put a wrench on the flats of the upper stem and loosen the diaphragm plate. Then put your fingers underneath the diaphragm and diaphragm plate and lift up to get your lower stem in the right position.


Step 4: Remove your coupling block.


Step 5: Put your fingers underneath the diaphragm and diaphragm plate to remove the upper stem. Rotate the diaphragm plate back and forth so that you don’t shear the o-ring in the lower adjustment screw when you’re pulling the stem out.

Step 6: Remove the upper stem.

Step 7: Reinstall the upper stem into the other side of the pivot sleeve.


Step 8: Take the pivot off of the upper adjustment screw and install it on your lower adjustment screw with the beveled side facing up.

Step 9: Install the lower spring plate, spring, and upper spring plate.

Step 10: Before sliding the upper stem back through the lower adjustment screw, put a dab of grease on it to prevent damaging the o-ring in the lower adjustment screw.

Step 11: Be sure that you install the coupling block where both of the flat side surfaces are facing up and that you change your indicator plate from pressure open to pressure closed, which is the same as changing from fail closed to fail open.


Step 12: Before your re-install the bonnet, make sure that the diaphragm lines up with the bolt holes.

Step 13: Re-install all of your bonnet bolts.

Step 14: Once all of your bonnet bolts are tightened, you can reinstall your upper adjustment screw.

Step 15: Move your breather plug from the top side of your diaphragm to the underneath side.


That’s how to convert the topworks on a High Pressure Control Valve for a different application.

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Jason Andrews serves as an Account Manager at Kimray. He provides Kimray product training and works with producers to identify project solutions.