Product Notice | Temperature Controllers, Pilot Plug Seats, & Glycol Pump Elastomers

Section H

Effective February 15, 2018, we will be consolidating our various repair kits for Temperature Controllers into two master repair kits: RXX (Thermostats) and RXY (Pilots).

  • We will continue offering the following end items: HAA, HAM, HBT, HBA
  • We will continue offering the following separable sockets: HCC, HCE, HCN, HBC, HCH, HCJ, HCM, and HCMSS6

Attached, find the part item numbers and descriptions that will be included in these new repair kits.

Pilot Plug Seats A, H, Y

We have made a slight design change to the A, H, and Y pilot plug seats. There is now a lip rather than a recess on the seat. This will make it easier to install. Make sure your repair shops are aware. Effective date: 2.6.18

Elastomers for Glycol Pump

We are moving to HSN for our standard elastomer in the Kimray Glycol Pump. So for example, GAJ will no longer exist, and the new code will be GAJ-HSN. Effective date: 3.1.18.

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