Product Notice | Temperature Controllers, Pilot Plug Seats, & Glycol Pump Elastomers

Section H

Effective February 15, 2018, we will be consolidating our various repair kits for Temperature Controllers into two master repair kits: RXX (Thermostats) and RXY (Pilots).

  • We will continue offering the following end items: HAA, HAM, HBT, HBA
  • We will continue offering the following separable sockets: HCC, HCE, HCN, HBC, HCH, HCJ, HCM, and HCMSS6

Attached, find the part item numbers and descriptions that will be included in these new repair kits.

Pilot Plug Seats A, H, Y

We have made a slight design change to the A, H, and Y pilot plug seats. There is now a lip rather than a recess on the seat. This will make it easier to install. Make sure your repair shops are aware. Effective date: 2.6.18

Elastomers for Glycol Pump

We are moving to HSN for our standard elastomer in the Kimray Glycol Pump. The new code will be GAJ-HSN. Effective date: 3.1.18.

Breck Swigart is a Product Manager at Kimray, Inc, in Oklahoma City. Connect with him on LinkedIn or via email at