Product Notice | RUV, RUMB, and RUWD Repair Kits

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This product notice is to inform you that some RUV, RUMB, and RUWD outgoing repair kits are missing an o-ring, part 329HSN.

On 6/1/18, an error was made in the Bill of Material maintenance on repair kits RUV, RUMB, and RUWD, which resulted in the missing o-ring. The error was detected and fixed on 11/27/18.

Here are the next steps you should take:

  • Check your stock of RUV, RUMB, and RUWD repair kits for a stamped manufacture date between 6/1/2018 and 11/27/2018. A date within this range indicates that the repair kit will be missing the o-ring.
  • Contact Jenny Kennedy on our Customer Service team (405-525-4298), or your local Kimray store to report how many o-rings you need for replacements, and they will send those to you.

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