A CATCO Catalytic Heater being used on a Valve

How CATCO Heaters Improve Oilfield Productivity in Winter

CATCO heaters are unique flameless heaters for oilfield environments. Consequently, these heaters are ideal for remote field environments, as they do not require a permanent electric supply. Because of this feature, CATCO heaters are the most cost-efficient way to prevent your valves and regulators from freezing during the colder months. How Do CATCO Heaters Work?
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What is the Best Valve Trim Material to Prevent Abrasion?

What is the Best Valve Trim Material to Prevent Abrasion?

How Is Abrasion Affecting Your Valves? In oil and gas applications with highly abrasive conditions, control valves can take a real beating. Sand, salt, and other abrasive elements wear away the internal trim, packing, and body as it moves through the valve. Sources of valve abrasion include fracking flowback, natural sand in the formation, and
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Oil Well in Titusville, PA

A Short History of Oil: 1700-1870

The history of oil starts in the dark. Before the modern era of electricity, once the sun dropped below the horizon, it was dark. If you wanted to do anything after sundown, you needed a source of fuel for fire. This quest for this fuel led people to do some interesting things with animals. In
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Which Electric Actuator is Right For Me?

Valvcon or Tritex II: Which Electric Actuator is Right for Me?

At the core of the oil industry’s move toward digital, low-emissions operations is the process of control. Specifically, this refers to valves and valve actuation. In our effort to increase our automated solutions, Kimray now offers two electric actuators. Both actuators are effective and distinct. Let’s take a look at some specific features and typical
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4 Keys to Troubleshooting a Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator

The Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator provides accurate, zero-emission control of control valves and can tie in to a PLC or RTU for remote monitoring.  In this video, Alex shows you four things to look for when troubleshooting your actuator.   Problem 1: Your Motor Stall LED light is blinking in a mid-travel position. Solution: This
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