Producer Solves the Oil and Gas Separator Emulsion Mystery

Recently, a producer ran into a problem in Catarina, Texas. As the Technical Development Engineer, he was responsible for keeping this field producing smoothly. But it seemed his liquid level controller wasn’t maintaining the proper interface of oil and water. Oil and gas producers use separator vessels (like the one below) to separate a well stream
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Tulsa Gas Technologies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Compressed Natural Gas with Tulsa Gas Technologies

When a utility provider experiences an outage, they often contact companies like Tom’s team at Tulsa Gas Technologies. Starting in 1990, in his shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tom Sewell pioneered an innovative, successful process for the installation and dispensing of Compressed Natural Gas. This installation process is now the standard for CNG stations in North
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Kimray product notice logo.

Product Notice | 2017 Product Code Updates

Since 1948, oil and gas producers have been calling us and asking for “one of those red Kimrays.” They’ve known they can trust Kimray to provide the simple, quality, effective control solutions they need. Over the years we have made key modifications and improvements to our product lines as the needs of the industry have
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The Kimray logo that says Make a Difference.

The Kimray Way: Making a Difference

In 1948, Garman Kimmell revolutionized oil field production control with the Pilot Operated Back Pressure Regulator, or what we know today as the AAA valve. Up until that point, producers needed to supervise the well site constantly to keep production moving. Garman’s new product isolated the operation of the valve from the sensing point of
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DNOW and Kimray sign International Distribution Agreement

Kimray Announces International Distribution Agreement

  OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (April 7, 2017) — Kimray Inc. proudly announces an exclusive international distribution agreement with DistributionNOW (DNOW). DNOW is a leading provider of drilling and production equipment with a global presence throughout the oil & gas value chain. DNOW will distribute Kimray’s well-known line of regulators, control valves, glycol pumps, and liquid
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