Quick Tips Video | 5 Tips for Operating and Maintaining your Temperature Controller

If you’re on a production site, you’re almost guaranteed to see a temperature controller sticking out of a production vessel. Today on the blog we’re going to show you how to identify and troubleshoot issues when your temperature controller is not working correctly. There are three things that affect separation: time, pressure, and heat. When
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Field Report | E-LO Control Valve Improves Temperature Regulation of Glycol Dehydration System

Recently, a customer with operations in the Eagle Ford was experiencing erratic temperature swings in their triethylene glycol (TEG) reboiler. The producer was trying to maintain a temperature of 390 Farehnhiet (199 Celsius). Glycol dehydration is a method of removing water from natural gas. Gas containing water—often referred to as “wet gas”—can cause a variety of
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Guide to Elastomers | How to Choose O-Rings, Diaphragms, and Seats for Your Control Valve

Though small in size, elastomers play a critical role in the oil and gas production. Elastomers are the rubber materials used in the diaphragms, seats, and o-rings of control valves, regulators, temperature controllers, and most oil and gas control equipment. Selecting the right elastomer is key to keeping your production running smoothly. So, how do
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What is a Back Pressure Valve?

What Is It? A back pressure valve is designed to hold pressure on pressurized production vessels—such as separators, treaters, and free water knockouts—and release upstream pressure when a designated set point is reached. How Does it Work? The Kimray Back Pressure Valve is considered an “integrated” valve because the pilot—the key to opening and closing
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Quick Tips Video | 15 Steps to Reversing the Function of Your High Pressure Control Valve from Fail Close to Fail Open

  The Kimray High Pressure Control Valve is a versatile solution that features field-reversible topworks for easy field conversions. Need to reverse the function from fail open to fail close for a different application? For example, maybe you have been using a the valve as a suction controller on the inlet of a compressor, in
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