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A Brief Guide to Water Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Many often overlook water management in the oil and gas industry. There are approximately 1 million producing oil and gas wells in United States, and altogether they produce 21 billion barrels of water per year. That’s 58 million barrels of water each day—twice the amount that flows over Niagara Falls in 24 hours. This is
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Cómo dimensionar una válvula de control usando la calculadora de tamaño de Kimray en línea

El programa de dimensionamiento de Kimray le permite tomar decisiones más fácilmente sobre qué válvulas seleccionar, de acuerdo con condiciones y parámetros específicos para su aplicación. Para este seminario, usaremos la pestaña de dimensionamiento de gas, o (Gas sizing tab) pero el proceso también será el mismo para el dimensionamiento de líquidos. Puede ingresar hasta
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Midstream Pig Launcher

Why Midstream Oil and Gas is Booming

The midstream oil and gas industry is experiencing a boom. The rapid growth of production in the Permian Basin and the Bakken in particular have created a bottleneck for producers. With the lack of enough pipelines to get production to export, processing, or storage, oil and gas producers are hungry for ways to get their product to
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Kimray Electric Liquid Level Switch

How to Operate Kimray’s Electric Liquid Level Switch

The Kimray Horizontal Electric Liquid Level Switch was originally developed to operate solenoids, relays, and small motors. These devices typically require several watts of power, and fit well in the range of 3W to 100W for the standard horizontal level switch. However, with the industry moving to automation and process monitoring, there is a need
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How a Pneumatic Temperature Controller Works

How a Pneumatic Temperature Controller Works

There are three things that affect separation of production fluid: Time Pressure Heat When you use heat in your oil and gas production vessel, a Pneumatic Temperature Controller allows you to set the temperature you want your production fluid to achieve and maintain.   Pneumatic Temperature Controllers have a stainless steel tube that responds to changing temperatures. This
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