30 HOG Pressure Pilot

How to Repair the 30 HPG Valve Pilot

The HPG Valve Pilot is used to modulate an output pneumatic signal when the monitored pressure changes in relation to the desired set point.   Maintenance should be performed every 12 months.  In this video, Carlos shows you how.  Repair Tools Needed Here are tools you will need:     How to Disassemble the Pressure Pilot Before performing any
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Control Valve Erosion

Control Valve Erosion: Why It Happens and What To Do About It

High Pressure Control Valves are some of the most versatile valves on the market. They can be used in numerous applications to provide control of oil and gas production processes, including in pressure reducing, back pressure, and dump valve applications. In this video, Mark examines two valves that have experienced significant damage during operation. He explains what happened
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How to select an actuator

How to Select a Valve Actuator

A valve actuator is the component that “actuates,” or moves, a valve open or closed.   In this video, we show you two different types—pneumatic and electric—and explain what factors you should consider when selecting an actuator.   Pneumatic Valve Actuator One of the most common actuators is a pneumatic actuator, like the one on the Kimray High Pressure
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Well Site in the Bakken in North Dakota

Bakken Shale History: the Brigham Exploration Multi-Stage Fracture

Bakken Shale History: Brigham Exploration in the Olson Well “The current Bakken boom began on September 7, 2008, the day the US housing market crashed and a deep economic recession began.” In his book The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World, Russell Gold tells the story of Brigham Exploration’s big gamble in
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High Pressure Control Valve being used as a part of a package

What is a High Pressure Valve?

A high pressure valve is a valve that can operate in pressures above 500 PSI. What’s Considered High Pressure? The design of a high pressure valve allows it to operate at a maximum working pressure of 500 PSI or more without damaging the valve body. How is a High Pressure Valve Powered? One of the
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