Free Download: Kimray Control Valve Application Guide

Kimray products are designed to control the flow of oil and gas across a wide range of applications. Common control valve applications include compression, gas dehydration, gas sweetening, separation, heaters, artificial lift, gas regulation skids, measurement stations, and more. To help oil and gas producers identify which control valves, regulators, pilots, glycol pumps, liquid level
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Solution for Liquid Level Control in Changing Production Fluid

In this video, Kimray Account Manager Kyle Andrews demonstrates a simple solution for liquid level control in changing fluid densities. The Challenge of Liquid Level Control in Changing Fluid Density The chemistry of a well’s production can change rapidly. This is especially common when it transitions from the injected fluids to normal produced fluid. Consequently,
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Stem Guided High Pressure Control Valve Repair: Disassembly

Repairing a Stem-Guided High Pressure Control Valve can be a daunting task. The Kimray Repair School is here to help. This guide will detail how to disassemble the valve, and the next guide will detail how to repair and reassemble it. To get started, remove the upper adjustment screw and breather plug. Then remove all
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What is a Pressure Reducing Regulator?

What is a Pressure Reducing Regulator? Oil and gas producers use a Pressure Reducing Regulator to maintain a downstream pressure set point. The pilot and the valve come together as one piece, making it a regulator, or “pilot-integrated valve.” Some may also refer to this regulator as a “pressure control valve” or a “pressure reducer valve.” Unfortunately,
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Product Notice | 3″ Treater Valve Stuffing Box

This product notice is to inform you that some 3” Treater Valves with new stuffing box design assemblies are leaking out of the stuffing box/shaft o-ring seal at lower pressures. Our engineering and quality teams are working to quickly determine a root cause and design a solution. In the meantime, we are reverting back to the
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