What is a Treater Valve?

A treater valve is a mechanical on/off valve designed to hold liquid level. A treater valve is used in oil and gas production vessels such as heater treaters, free water knockouts, and saltwater disposal systems. How Do Treater Valves Work? The treater valve actuates based on the hydrostatic pressure generated from a column of liquid in the
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Managing Fluid Density Changes in Early Production

I was recently working with a producer in New Mexico who was experiencing liquid slugs on a recently fracked well. His team was having to perform regular shut-ins to deal with them, and he asked if there was any way we could help. Fluid Density and Liquid Slugs A producer injects his fracked well with
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How to Select a Valve

The process for valve sizing can be confusing. There are many variables in oil and gas controls, and many different options to deal with those variables. In this blog we’ll be covering:   The uses of high and low pressure valves How to use your calculated Cv Which valve to use for liquid versus gas applications
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Product Notice | C2—Mechanical Dump Valve, D—Treater Valve

In response to recent changes in production conditions and industry demands, Kimray has made some strategic updates to two core products: the Mechanical Dump Valve and the Treater Valve. These key updates mean your valves will stand up better in harsh conditions while allowing you increased flexibility and faster repair. Valves with these new components will begin
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How to Replace Valve Trim

Replacing valve trim is a simple and cost-effective option when compared to replacing an entire valve.  There are two primary reasons to change your valve trim: Your process flow rates have changed so that the original valve trim is no longer sized correctly You have worn out the trim in your valve In this video,
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