What is the Best Valve Seat Material for your Conditions

What is the Best Valve Seat Material for your Conditions?

Why is the Valve Seat Material Important? In a High Pressure Control Valve, the valve seat is the part inside of the valve against which the valve plug closes to seal off and shut the valve. Long-lasting performance of this critical part is highly dependent on the valve seat material. Different conditions of your production
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La Bomba de Glicol

Cómo Reparar La Bomba de Glicol de Intercambio de Energía Kimray

La bomba de glicol de intercambio de energía Kimray es una solución duradera y de bajo mantenimiento para la recirculación de glicol en su sistema de deshidratación.  En esta serie, mostraremos cómo desarmar, inspeccionar y ensamblar esta bomba.  Antes de comenzar, consulte las pautas de seguridad de su empresa y use el equipo de protección
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Open and Closed Loop Control

Open and Closed Loop Control: What They Are and How They Work

A control loop is a process management system that maintains a variable at a desired set point. There are two types of control loops: Open Loop Control and Closed Loop Control. How Open Loop Control Works In Open Loop Control, there is no direct measurement of the process variable available for use in making compensating adjustments
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3 Reasons to Use Compressed Air to Power Your Control Valves

In this video, Mark shares 3 reasons you should consider compressed air to power your control valves: Wet Gas, Housed Skids, and Emissions Regulations. Suppliers introduced pneumatic controls so producers could use the natural gas produced from the well to operate them.   This was the default procedure for decades. Recently, however, this has been changing due to three
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Valve Packing Material: VEE Packing

What is Valve Packing? In linear control valves, such as Kimray’s High Pressure Control Valves, the linear motion of the stem is an essential design feature that allows the accurate control of the fluid or gas flowing through the valve. Through the linear motion of the stem, the valve moves the valve plug to and
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