Free Water Knockouts

What is a Free Water Knockout (FWKO)?

What is a Free Water Knockout (FWKO)? A free water knockout (commonly abbreviated as FWKO) is an oil and gas production vessel that separates the produced oil emulsion into its various elements. What is “Free Water”? Free water is water produced with crude oil that is not emulsified. Free water will generally settle out of
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Product Notice | 3” Treater Valve Stuffing Box

This product notice is to inform you we have redesigned, thoroughly tested, and released the new stuffing box assembly for the 3” Treater Valve. The new design has proven to be very reliable and is now in production. The improvements include dimension and tolerance changes to the stuffing box, packing ring, and bushing to ensure
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What is a Supply Gas Regulator?

A Supply Gas Regulator is a critical part of a High Pressure Control Valve package. What is a High Pressure Control Valve? The Kimray High Pressure Control Valve is a versatile solution for oil and gas production needs. It can be used in a wide array of applications, including as a dump valve, pressure regulator, suction
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How to Repair a Dump Valve: the Piston Balanced Throttling (PBT) Mechanical Dump Valve

The Kimray Mechanical Dump Valve is a reliable, zero-emission valve used to dump liquid from oil and gas production vessels such as treaters, separators, and free water knockouts. In this video, we’ll show you how to repair a dump valve. These instructions apply to the 2” Piston-Balanced Throttling (PBT) Mechanical Dump Valve. Learn how to repair
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Experiencing Serious Valve Corrosion in Your Production? Z-PEX Coatings May Be Your Answer.

Elements like H2s and salt can cause significant corrosion issues in your oil and gas control equipment.  They can heavily damage valves in particular, and leave you constantly replacing them and considering expensive, exotic materials like hastelloy, inconel, or monel to keep your site operational.  In this video, Greg shows you a cost-effective solution that resists valve corrosion, extending the life of your
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