Distribution Agreement with Gemini Enterprises in Turkey

Kimray Announces Distribution Agreement with Gemini Enterprises in Turkey

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (December 16, 2019) — Kimray, an Oklahoma City-based manufacturer, has a new agreement with Gemini Enterprises Inc. to distribute Kimray’s well-known lines of regulators, control valves, glycol pumps and liquid level controls in Turkey. “Gemini’s heart to serve the customer was evident in our travels together to Turkey,” said Jacob Jennings, International Business Development
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What Causes A Frozen Valve?

What Causes a Frozen Valve?

A frozen valve can lead to significant production downtime and accompanying frustration for your oil and gas operation.  In the video above, Chase explains why valves freeze and tells you how to prevent freezing.   What Causes a Frozen Valve? The primary reason valves freeze is due to pressure drops in the gas flowing through them.
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Válvula de Control de alta Presión para una Aplicación de Contrapresión

Cuando realice un pedido, le ayudaremos a crear su paquete y entregarlo listo para instalar. Sin embargo, si compra estas piezas por separado, este video le ayudará con el montaje. Antes de comenzar, asegúrese de ponerse su equipo de protección personal y siga todos los requisitos de seguridad de su empresa. Este paquete incluye: La válvula
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Non-venting Pneumatic Control Valve

Limit Emissions with Non-venting Pneumatic Control Valves

The Emissions Challenge An ongoing challenge for oil and gas producers is maintaining optimal operation of their production while keeping natural gas emissions low. With states like Colorado and New Mexico moving toward more stringent emission regulations, and additional federal regulations always a possibility, producers need to start considering how to keep production moving despite emission
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Kimray R2L and Valvcon Actuator in the Field

How Kimray is Using Valve Automation to Drive Performance

What is Valve Automation? For a growing number of producers, valve automation is a proving to be a productive investment. Valve automation is leveraging the latest technology in valve actuation to introduce features like electric power and remote monitoring and control of oil and gas processes. In our experience, embracing this technology helps oil and
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