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Product Notice | 3″ Treater Valve Stuffing Box

This product notice is to inform you that some 3” Treater Valves with new stuffing box design assemblies are leaking out of the stuffing box/shaft o-ring seal at lower pressures. Our engineering and quality teams are working to quickly determine a root cause and design a solution. In the meantime, we are reverting back to the
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How to Calibrate a Valvcon Electric Actuator

How to Calibrate a Valvcon Electric Actuator

The Kimray R2L Valve Package featuring the Valvcon Electric Actuator is a smart, durable, and cost-effective solution for zero-emission valve control. In this video, Kimray Product Manager Alex Crow demonstrates how to install and calibrate a Valvcon Electric Actuator. You can find step-by-step instructions below.  How to Calibrate the Valvcon Electric Actuator Mount the Valvcon to the
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Cage Guided High Pressure Control Valve Repair

Repairing a two-inch Cage Guided High Pressure Control Valve is simple with the Kimray Repair School. We’ve provided a step-by-step explanation on how customers can repair their own valves. Disassembly: To start, unthread the stuffing box assembly from the upper housing. Next, remove the upper housing bolts and lift the upper housing away from the
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How Does the E-Lo Electric Low Pressure Control Valve Work

How does the E-LO Electric Low Pressure Control Valve Work?

The E-LO is a durable, smart, cost-effective low pressure control valve. In this video, Product Manager Alex Crow demonstrates how the valve works. How Does It Work? The E-LO control valve is a low power, low pressure controller, and because it’s made with a standard Kimray body and seat it can flow any media that you
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CATCO Catalytic Heater Prevents Freezing on Valves

Gas Catalytic Heater to Prevent Freezing

A gas catalytic heater is a device used to heat gas control valves and pipelines in order to prevent freezing. How Does Freezing Occur? The Joule-Thomson effect (or JT Effect) states that when you reduce the pressure of gas across a valve or regulator, you also reduce the temperature of the gas. In fact, for
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