control valve repair

3 Key Resources for Maintaining Production During COVID-19: Control Valve Repair, Video Training & More

Efficiency. It’s the name of the game right now.    With the rapid shift in market conditions, we want to provide help in any way possible.   Below, we’re going to share some of the resources we’ve made available to help producers like you optimize your operation and be as productive as possible during a downturn:   
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PSIA vs PSIG: What’s the Difference?

PSIA vs. PISIG PSI is the most commonly used unit of measure in the United States. Most household sporting goods, from basketballs to bicycle tires, use PSI as their air inflation measurement. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. In oil and gas operations, there are two other units of measurement you may come across
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how natural gas compressors work

How Natural Gas Compressors Work: A Video Overview

How Natural Gas Compressors Work Natural Gas Compressors work by mechanically increasing gas pressure in stages (or steps) until it reaches the desired delivery point. The starting pressure and the desired ending pressure will determine how many stages a compressor will have. In the video above we cover the main types of natural gas compressors
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control valve parts

Control Valve Parts: The Basics

In oil and gas production, a control valve is a piece of equipment that controls the flow of liquid or gas. What are the Important Control Valve Parts? Here is a look at some of the key internal parts of our pneumatic Stem-Guided High Pressure Control Valve. These are linear valves that have a stem
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heater treater oil and gas

Heater Treater in Oil and Gas: A Video Overview

An oil and gas heater treater uses heat to accelerate the separation of produced fluid. In this video, we will walk through separation, the different types of treaters producers use, and how pneumatic and mechanical controllers provide process control on these vessels. You will find heater treaters separating crude oil primarily in the upstream sector
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