Use Oversized Soft Seat with Care

For Increased capacity where declining pressure is a problem

Many of our customers have learned that when the pressure available from the well has declined to the point that a standard 1″ or 2″ HPCV (motor valve) no longer has enough capacity, they can remove the trim and cage and replace it with the Oversized Soft Seat trim. This greatly increases the capacity. Also, it is a good way to make use of old equipment that might otherwise have to be removed and replaced with larger valves.

The one thing that should be remembered is that the body itself is the seat. With no removable seat, the body is spent when the seating area is worn away. Customers should always be reminded of this when asking to purchase a new valve with this special trim.

Customer must be reminded of this potential for wear damage explained above to represented the product and Kimray well.

Kimray Oversized Soft Seat for increased capacity where declining pressure is a problem.

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