Onsite Oilfield Services

When something goes wrong and you have to shut in a well, every minute is critical. Wells that aren’t producing aren’t making money.

You need your valves and equipment repaired quickly and correctly.

When the alarm sounds, the clock is ticking for you to find the source of the problem. Once discovered, you have to make a determination—can you fix it yourself, or is the challenge more complex and you need to call for back up?

To complicate things, if your well site is in a rural area (as most are), you may be looking at hours to get the equipment to a repair technician for service.

Until now.

Onsite Oilfield Services

Because of their key role in the production process, valves and controllers require close monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

When you need your control valves serviced quickly and correctly, Kimray Oilfield Services should be your first call.

Now available for oil and gas producers in the Gulf Coast region, we offer the following services for all Kimray valves, pumps, liquid level controllers, and other oilfield equipment:

  • Complete Factory Refurbishments with a 1-Year Warranty
  • In-House and On-Site Service
  • During- and After-Hours Service
  • Valve Package Assembly
  • On-Site Installation Support and Training
  • Valve and Pump Sizing and Application Consultation

At Kimray we understand you want as much life in your valves and control equipment as possible. That’s why when we sell you a product, we are committed to keep it working as long as you own it.

Kimray technicians are the most prepared to ensure the valve will work properly after being reinstalled.

Our certified service team has direct access to the most up-to-date product information and is continually trained through Kimray continuous improvement programs to make sure the work we do is of the the highest quality.

Don’t let unexpected downtime go any longer than it has to. Call our regional expert technicians today.

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