How to Achieve Liquid Level Control with a Treater Valve

What is a Treater Valve?

The Kimray Treater Valve is a weight-operated throttling valve designed to hold liquid level in production vessels such as heater treaters, free water knockouts, and saltwater disposal systems.

How the Treater Valve Works in Liquid Level Control

The Treater Valve actuates based on the hydrostatic pressure. Vessels, such as a heater treater, create a column of liquid in the discharge piping which generates the hydrostatic pressure.

  1. First, a weight and lever push down on the diaphragm assembly. This closes the seat.
  2. Furthermore, when the liquid rises above the set level, it overcomes the force of the weight.
  3. Next, the force of the weight lifts the diaphragm assembly against the weight load. This opens the valve.
  4. After this, liquid discharges and the column of liquid lowers.
  5. Lastly, the weight closes the valve.

One of the most beneficial features of the treater valve is the balanced upstream/downstream pressure. This provides security for instances where pressure comes backwards from a tank up into the downstream outlet of the valve.

Adjusting the Treater Valve for Liquid Level

You can field adjust the height of the water column by moving the weight on the attached lever in or out. The standard lever is designed to hold between two and four feet of liquid.

You can hold higher liquid levels by using an optional longer lever and adding an additional weight.

Watch this demo video showing how these work:


The Critical Importance of the Equalizing Line

You must install a gas equalizing line in pressurized vessels, such as as treaters and free water knockouts. This line equalizes the vessel pressure and valve pressure, ensuring proper operation of the valve.

This is a common problem producers face with the treater valve operation. The equalizing line must be taken directly from the vessel.

If the equalizing line is not pulled from the vessel but from a volume pot used for other controllers, the treater valve will not hold a steady pressure and operation will be affected.

For further questions about the Treater Valve or any other Kimray product, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.

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