Industry History | “History Matters”

In mid twentieth century, OG producers could not stray too far from the field. A site needed constant oversight to keep production moving. The products in use at the time got the job done, but they were far from efficient. Of particular concern was the back pressure regulator.

Back pressure regulation was primarily achieved through weight loaded or spring loaded pressure regulators. And the problem with those regulators was as the flow rate change the set point changed. This didn’t work very well, and the vessel manufacturers needed a consistent pressure set point for the production vessel to operate properly.

In 1948, a little start-up in Oklahoma City introduced a three-inch, pilot-operated back-pressure regulator that would soon revolutionize the industry.

When Garman Kimmell introduced the piloted gas back pressure regulator, it revolutionized the way producers were able to control their vessels in the field. Garman had come from the industry and he understood the needs and necessities of pressure regulation. He had an idea for a piloted control that isolated the operation of the valve from the sensing point of the pressure upstream or downstream. Operators were now able to accurately control their pressure across a wide range of flows. This fundamentally changed the oil and gas industry.

For the last 70 years the Kimray has been the industry standard for back pressure regulation. That’s the legacy Garman Kimmell left us, and we continue that legacy today by listening to our customers, and providing the kind of solutions they need for the problems that exist in the field today.

History matters, and for over 65 years Kimray has been creating simple, effective solutions for oil and gas producers worldwide. And we aren’t through innovating yet.