Is Your Piston Balanced HPCV Too Big?

The Valve Is Too Big!

When the Piston Balanced HPCV (HPMV) in service turns out to have far too much capacity you can offer a reduced flow ratio plug. The conversion is reasonably simple, requires only the ratio plug. The costs substantially less than replacing the valve.

On some occasions a valve is specified which is too large for current conditions, but future plans require it. In these cases the large valve can be installed with the reduced flow ratio plug, and the full flow trim can be installed later when required.

The Solution

The capacity of the Piston Balanced High Pressure Control Valve can be reduced for better control of lower volumes by simply changing the Ratio Plug. The seat is not replaced.

The ratio plug is contoured to provide true equal percentage flow characteristics and is available in the standard D2 tools steel or 316 stainless steel.

Reduced Flow Ratio Plug

This is Kimray's Reduced Flow Ratio Plug.


Sometimes people think they need a 6″ valve because they have a 6″ line. We know this is not always the case. Kimray offers reduced ratio plugs so their valve will look like a 6″ but flow like a 4″. The best part is everything else remains the same.

Over time flow rates reduce. We believe it is easier and less expensive for the customer if they can change a part in the valve instead of the entire valve.

These images show the difference between a reduced plug and a normal plug.


Valve Reduced Size Part Number Material CF CV
2″ 1 ½” 4927 D2 Tool Steel .75 28.6
2″ 1 ½” 4927SS6 316 Stainless .75 28.6
3″ 2″ 5123 D2 Tool Steel .75 52.6
3″ 2″ 5123SS6 316 Stainless .75 52.6
4″ 3″ 5255 D2 Tool Steel .75 115.0
4″ 3″ 5255SS6 316 Stainless .75 115.0
6″ 4″ 6425 .75 222.00

*Note: Standard Material is D2.

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