Introducing Daylight Chemical Injection Pumps

Kimray is excited to offer the DLP-series Chemical Injection Pumps by DayLight.


The revolutionary DLP-series pumps deliver a precise injection rate with advanced digital technology, yielding a highly efficient system that is built for performance. Each pump is constructed of the highest grade 316 SS and delivers into a high-pressure line with a 99% rate of reliability.


For the ruggedness and reliability you’ve come to expect from Kimray along with the latest in chemical injection technology, check out the newDLP Chemical Injection Pumps by Daylight.



The DLP-S is a solar-powered pump designed to provide reliable chemical injection with zero emissions. The vertical plunger design eliminates strain compared to its horizontal counterparts, and with all the energy contained within the motor housing, the DLP-S operates quietly and efficiently, requiring less power than other solar pumps.



The DLP-S-DH offers the same capabilities as the DLP-S in dual-head format, with each head capable of operating independently. Each pump can operate at a different rate and pump to different injection points with different chemicals.



The DLP-P is an industry innovation, combining the rate precision of a solar-powered digital control system with the reliability of a pneumatic pump.