How to Repair a Dump Valve: the Piston Balanced Throttling (PBT) Mechanical Dump Valve

  The Kimray Mechanical Dump Valve is a reliable, zero-emission valve used to dump liquid from oil and gas production vessels such as treaters, separators, and free water knockouts. In this video, we’ll show you how to repair a dump valve. These instructions apply to the 2” Piston-Balanced Throttling (PBT) Mechanical Dump Valve. Learn how to
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Experiencing Serious Valve Corrosion in Your Production? Z-PEX Coatings May Be Your Answer.

Elements like H2s and salt can cause significant corrosion issues in your oil and gas control equipment.  They can heavily damage valves in particular, and leave you constantly replacing them and considering expensive, exotic materials like hastelloy, inconel, or monel to keep your site operational.  In this video, Greg shows you a cost-effective solution that resists valve corrosion, extending the life of your
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Oil field workers at a well site

Oil and Gas Industry Trends: Generational Turnover

One trend many oil and gas companies are navigating is generational turnover. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in November of 1983 there were 263,500 jobs Americans working in oil and gas. In November 2003, that number hit a 40-year low of 118,600 before trending back up to 163,800 in November of 2019. Due
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Onsite Oilfield Services

When something goes wrong and you have to shut in a well, every minute is critical. Wells that aren’t producing aren’t making money. You need your valves and equipment repaired quickly and correctly. When the alarm sounds, the clock is ticking for you to find the source of the problem. Once discovered, you have to
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What does Kimray do for Supply Stores

What is an Oil and Gas Supply Store?

Oil and gas supply stores are a vital part of the energy production ecosystem. In this article, we’ll talk about what they carry, how they help producers, and how Kimray partners with supply stores. What Equipment Do Oil and Gas Supply Stores Carry? Supply stores stay alert to the type of equipment producers in their
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