Experiencing Serious Valve Corrosion in Your Production? Z-PEX Coatings May Be Your Answer.

Elements like H2s and salt can cause significant corrosion issues in your oil and gas control equipment. 

They can heavily damage valves in particular, and leave you constantly replacing them and considering expensive, exotic materials like hastelloyinconel, or monel to keep your site operational. 

In this video, Greg shows you a cost-effective solution that resists valve corrosion, extending the life of your valves in these conditions: Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings.

A Cost-Effective Alternative for Valve Corrosion

If your control valves are being affected by elements like hydrocarbons, H2S, HCL, saltwater or carbonic acidsKimray valves coated with Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Z-PEX is a metal coating system designed specifically for the extreme conditions of today’s petroleum industry.  

How it Works

Z-PEX electro-deposits a hybrid poly-epoxide coating over a zirconium oxide pretreated surface. This process creates a chemical-resistant base coat that forms an electro-molecular bond with the substrate.

Following that base coat, a fluoropolymer topcoat is spray applied to the wet surfaces and/or threads of the units and baked, creating a permanent crosslink of the epoxy and fluoropolymer coatings. zpex valve coating holistic coating system layers

Three key advantages for energy producers:  

1. Z-Pex is resistant to many common chemicals found in oil and gas production.

In a test of metal durability, Z-PEX lasted 7x longer than than 316 and 410 Stainless Steel in corrosive applications.

valve coating creep with and without zpex coating2. It prevents coating creep.

Other coatings struggle to contain the spread of valve corrosion once the part has been damaged. Because Z-PEX bonds electro-molecularly to the valve and electrons line up seamlessly, it minimizes rust and corrosion. This process contains any scoring at the immediate location.

3. Requires no extra time for machining.

Because it adds just 1.3-2 mil. to the surface of the components, tolerances are not affected, resulting in a faster turnaround time.

Products that can be coated in Z-PEX include:

  • High Pressure Control Valves 
  • Mechanical Dump Valves 
  • Treater Valves 
  • Ball Valves 
  • Regulators 

At Kimray, we help energy producers solve their biggest control challenges.  

To speak with an expert about where Z-PEX makes sense for your operation, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor 


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