Electric Products

Over the last decade, as concerns about environmental protection have grown and emissions requirements have been updated, oil and gas producers are increasingly looking for ways to lower their atmosphere emissions levels. In 2012 the EPA published “Code of Federal Regulations 40, Part 60, Subpart OOOO”—”Quad O” for short. These regulations apply to all onshore oil and gas facilities constructed, modified, or reconstructed after August 23, 2011.

Kimray has been actively working to create products and solutions that meet the current needs of our producers as well as anticipate those to come.

When Kimray engineers designed the E-Series products, they applied the same dedication to simple design that has been so successful in our pneumatic products. From our Electric Pilot, E-Lo Control Valve and R2L to our Gen II Liquid Level Controller and Electric Glycol Pump, our line of electric products can stand up to the rigors of the oil and gas environment while meeting required emissions standards.

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Curtis Winkle serves as Kimray’s Content Writer. He works with Kimray product managers, engineers, and regional representatives to create practical, educational articles and videos to help producers get the most out of Kimray products and solutions.