What is a Filter Separator?

Producers use a filter separator to separate solids and liquids from natural gas. Specifically, a filter separator removes impurities such as pipe scale, water, iron sulfide, liquid hydrocarbons, compressor lube oil and sulfur products from the natural gas.  A filter separator differs from a standard separator vessel in that it uses filter elements to remove contaminants rather than using mechanical devices. In this video we explain:  Why and where filter
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TEG Gas Dehydration Unit: A Video Overview

A TEG Gas Dehydration Unit is used to dehydrate natural gas into a state where it can be sold downstream. What is Gas Dehydration?  When you hear dehydration, you may think of physical dehydration, where your body has a shortage of water. Or maybe you think of meat or fruit that has had the water taken
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Line Heater

How a Line Heater and Separator Work in a Gas Production Unit

A Gas Production Unit, or GPU, is actually two pieces of equipment joined together inside one housing: a line heater and a horizontal separator. In this video, Kyle explains: What a gas production unit is Where and why gas production units are used The phases and sizes of a gas production unit The flow path through the unit Where and Why a Gas Production Unit is Used To be sellable,
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FWKO Vessel

FWKO Vessel: A Video Overview of Free Water Knockouts

In this video we cover the applications for the Free Water Knockout (also called a FWKO vessel) and how to identify the different types. What is “Free Water” in Oil and Gas? Shale plays in general produce large volumes of water. The Mississippi Lime play is an example of a large volume water producer. Some
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Oilfield Tank Battery

Oilfield Tank Battery: Video Overview

An oilfield tank battery is the combination of surface vessels gathered in one place to process a wellstream into sellable or disposable products.  Oilfield tank batteries exist mainly in the upstream sector of the energy industry. Some call a configuration where two wells share the same pad a central tank battery or CTB.  In this
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