Cage Guided High Pressure Control Valve Repair

Repairing a two-inch Cage Guided High Pressure Control Valve is simple with the Kimray Repair School. We’ve provided a step-by-step explanation on how customers can repair their own valves. Disassembly: To start, unthread the stuffing box assembly from the upper housing. Next, remove the upper housing bolts and lift the upper housing away from the
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How Does the E-Lo Electric Low Pressure Control Valve Work

How does the E-LO Electric Low Pressure Control Valve Work?

The E-LO is a durable, smart, cost-effective low pressure control valve. In this video, Product Manager Alex Crow demonstrates how the valve works. How Does It Work? The E-LO control valve is a low power, low pressure controller, and because it’s made with a standard Kimray body and seat it can flow any media that you
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CATCO Catalytic Heater Prevents Freezing on Valves

Gas Catalytic Heater to Prevent Freezing

A gas catalytic heater is a device used to heat gas control valves and pipelines in order to prevent freezing. How Does Freezing Occur? The Joule-Thomson effect (or JT Effect) states that when you reduce the pressure of gas across a valve or regulator, you also reduce the temperature of the gas. In fact, for
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Kimray Valve Seat Tools and Repair School

Kimray Valve Seat Tools and More

Kimray offers a variety of accessory items, including valve seat tools, spring compression tools, and stem guides. The specific designs of these tools help you perform conversions, maintenance, and repairs of Kimray valves and equipment. How to Use the Kimray Repair Tools Guide Kimray products are often used to perform fluid and gas control at
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How to Repair the Kimray Dump Valve

The Kimray Lever-Operated Mechanical Dump Valve is a reliable, zero-emission valve used to dump liquid from oil and gas production vessels such as treaters, separators, and free water knockouts. In this video, Product Manager Mike Fick shows you how to repair a 2” Lever-Operated Dump Valve. You can find the step-by-step instructions below. How to Disassemble a Dump
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