High Pressure Control Valves

Sand Control: 3 Signs of Erosive Fluid in an Oil and Gas Separator

Sand control is key for oil and gas producers due to modern well completion methods. In the image above of a horizontal separator, there are three signs that this producer is dealing with erosive sand in their production fluid. Can you spot them?   1. High Pressure Control Valve The first sign is the producer is
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Los Tres Tipos Diferentes de los Internos o Trims para Válvulas De Control

En este video, analizaremos los tres tipos diferentes de los internos o trims para válvulas de control. Un ajuste de la válvula se caracteriza por la relación entre el porcentaje de flujo y el porcentaje de recorrido del vástago de la válvula, entre 0% y 100%. Tres Tipos Diferentes de los Internos o Trims para
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Podcast: What is a Control Valve’s Fail Position? Episode #1

In this first episode of the Stuff You Should Know about Oil and Gas Podcast, Kyle Andrews, Product Applications Trainer at Kimray, explains control valve fail positions, including fail closed and fail open. Topics in Control Valve Fail Position What is a valve fail position? Does fail position affect operation of oil and gas separators
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control valve parts

Control Valve Parts: The Basics

In oil and gas production, a control valve is a piece of equipment that controls the flow of liquid or gas. What are the Important Control Valve Parts? Here is a look at some of the key internal parts of our pneumatic Stem-Guided High Pressure Control Valve. These are linear valves that have a stem
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Product Notice | Potential Issue with 2″ R2L Adapter

This product notice is to inform you that some R2L Adapters are experiencing performance issues.  We’ve recently discovered a potential issue on our R2L Adapters, part number YHO. On January 22, 2020, Kimray was notified of a few YHO failures. After a root cause analysis was conducted, it was identified that in some cases our manufacturing process
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