7 Control Valve Installation Best Practices

Looking for control valve installation best practices? Below we’ll cover 7 things you must do when installing a high pressure control valve.  1. Don’t Hold the Control Valve by the Tubing Tubing often looks like the perfect handle to lift a valve. However, lifting the valve by this method can quickly bend the tubing itself
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What is the Double Block and Bleed Procedure? | Podcast Episode #13

In this episode we are joined by Kyle Andrews, Product and Applications Trainer at Kimray, who explains the double block and bleed procedure to isolate a valve before performing maintenance. Topics in Double Block and Bleed Procedure When is the process needed? Why is it recommended? Why do some operators skip this step? What can
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Which Parts of a Pneumatic Control Valve Do I Need?

A pneumatic high pressure control valve is a versatile device producers use to control a variety of liquids and gasses. There are four key parts of this control valve typically required for it to operate correctly: Sense Line Protector—protects instrumentation from over pressurization and subsequent damage Supply Gas Regulator—provides supply pressure to the pneumatic pilot of
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Válvulas de Control de alta Presión que han Sufrido Daños Significativos Durante la Operación

Válvula de Control Guiada por Vástago y Asiento Durante el flujo de retorno y la producción normal, la arena frac está presente en el fluido procedente del pozo. La primera válvula que examinaremos es una válvula de control guiada por vástago y asiento que experimenta una caída de presión de 320 libras. Aunque es un
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How to Achieve Liquid Level Control with a Treater Valve

What is a Treater Valve? The Kimray Treater Valve is a weight-operated throttling valve designed to hold liquid level in production vessels such as heater treaters, free water knockouts, and saltwater disposal systems. How the Treater Valve Works in Liquid Level Control The Treater Valve actuates based on the hydrostatic pressure. Production vessels like heater
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