heater treater oil and gas

Heater Treater in Oil and Gas: A Video Overview

An oil and gas heater treater uses heat to accelerate the separation of produced fluid. In this video, we will walk through separation, the different types of treaters producers use, and how pneumatic and mechanical controllers provide process control on these vessels. You will find heater treaters separating crude oil primarily in the upstream sector
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Product Notice | Potential Issue with 2″ R2L Adapter

This product notice is to inform you that some R2L Adapters are experiencing performance issues.  We’ve recently discovered a potential issue on our R2L Adapters, part number YHO. On January 22, 2020, Kimray was notified of a few YHO failures. After a root cause analysis was conducted, it was identified that in some cases our manufacturing process
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Electric Valve Controller: An Easy First Step into Oil and Gas Automation

You may be at an early stage in your oil and gas automation journey. You know exactly how to use conventional controllers, and you’re comfortable with them.   But you’ve also heard about the advantages of being able to see your site conditions from one central place without driving your route. Sounds interesting, but you’re not
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What is the Best Valve Seat Material for your Conditions

What is the Best Valve Seat Material for your Conditions?

Why is the Valve Seat Material Important? In a High Pressure Control Valve, the valve seat is the part inside of the valve against which the valve plug closes to seal off and shut the valve. Long-lasting performance of this critical part is highly dependent on the valve seat material. Different conditions of your production
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Valve Packing Material: VEE Packing

What is Valve Packing? In linear control valves, such as Kimray’s High Pressure Control Valves, the linear motion of the stem is an essential design feature that allows the accurate control of the fluid or gas flowing through the valve. Through the linear motion of the stem, the valve moves the valve plug to and
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