Coal Bed Methane Process

What is Coal Bed Methane?

Coal Bed Methane production is a method of recovering gas stored in coal. Coal Bed Methane is quality gas that needs minimal processing. This method, also referred to as Coal Seam Gas recovery, is very different than conventional gas production. Here’s how it works.  Absorption Methane gas is stored in coal by a process called Absorption.   During
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What is a Gas Pressure Regulator Used For?

Producers use Kimray Gas Pressure Regulators in numerous applications to provide control of oil and gas production processes. In the video above, Kyle walks through some specific applications, options, and troubleshooting scenarios for these regulators. He also breaks down these three types of pressure regulators: Back Pressure, Pressure Reducing, and Liquid Back Pressure. Back Pressure Regulator
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How to Operate Kimray's Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator

How to Operate Kimray’s Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator

The Kimray Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator is a dependable, easy-to-operate solution for holding back pressure on an oil and gas vessel.   In this video, Mike explains how it works. Why Use this Regulator? The primary reason you would want to use the spring-loaded back pressure regulator over a pilot-operated regulator is that it requires no instrument gas. This
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Back Pressure Regulator vs Pressure Reducing Regulator: What’s the Difference?

In oil and gas production applications, it can be hard to tell the difference between a back pressure regulator and a pressure reducing regulator. So, What’s the Difference? A Back Pressure Regulator is a type of control valve designed to hold pressure on production vessels and release pressure downstream when a set point is reached. This pressurizes the vessels
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Ultimate Guide to the Back Pressure Regulator

Kimray is a world-class manufacturer of Back Pressure Regulators based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. The Back Pressure Regulator was the first product introduced back in 1948, and it continues to be one of our most popular. This guide will cover the following topics: What is a Back Pressure Regulator? How Do Back Pressure Regulators Work?
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