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What is a BTEX Condenser Unit?

What is a BTEX Condenser Unit? A BTEX Condenser Unit is an accessory of a natural gas dehydration unit. Producers use these units to condense four harmful vapors into liquid and dispose of them. “BTEX” is an acronym that stands for Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene. These are naturally occurring elements found in crude oil
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Compressor Station in the Powder River Basin

How A Gas Compressor Station Works

What is a Natural Gas Compressor Station? The natural gas compressor station plays a vital role in the oil and gas industry. Companies construct these stations along natural gas pipelines and use them to compress gas so it can continue flowing downstream to its final destination, which may be a processing facility, a storage tank,
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Podcast: Can You Explain the Joule-Thomson Effect? | Episode #9

The Joule-Thomson Effect is a critical concept for oil and gas producers. In this episode of Stuff You Should Know About Oil and Gas Production, Kyle explains what it is, and how it explains freezing in oil and gas production. Topics in A Simple Explanation of the Joule-Thomson Effect How to calculate for the Joule-Thomson
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Podcast: Critical Flow Factor for a Control Valve | Episode #8

The Critical Flow Factor (Cf) is an essential number to know when sizing your valve. In this episode of Stuff You Should Know about Oil and Gas, Kyle explains what Critical Flow Factor is and how to calculate it.  Topics in Critical Flow Factor for Control Valve Difference between Critical Flow Factor (Cf) and Flow
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The Joule-Thomson Effect: What It Is and How It Affects Oil and Gas

The Joule-Thomson Effect, also referred to as the JT effect, is an important concept that can negatively affect oil and gas production if not accounted for. Discovered by British physicists in the 19th century, this principle states that when the pressure of a gas changes, its temperature also changes. In natural gas production, this means
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