control valve terminology

Control Valve Terminology

In this article, we’ll look at some key control valve terminology that will help you identify the parts of your control valve and the principles that make it work.  For our example, we’ll use a stem-guided high pressure control valve.  Control Valve Terminology  Actuator — The valve actuator positions the valve trim to control the monitored process. The valve actuator can
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Basic Electrical Terms

14 Basic Electrical Terms for Oil and Gas Producers

Using electric control products is a growing trend in our industry as producers look to achieve greater efficiency and lower emissions.  In this article, we’ll define 14 basic electrical terms to help you better understand how these products work. 14 Basic Electrical Terms for Oil and Gas Producers  Alternating Current (AC) – Current in which the
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7 Control Valve Installation Best Practices

Looking for control valve installation best practices? Below we’ll cover 7 things you must do when installing a high pressure control valve.  1. Don’t Hold the Control Valve by the Tubing Tubing often looks like the perfect handle to lift a valve. However, lifting the valve by this method can quickly bend the tubing itself
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What is Flowback? | Podcast Episode #14

In this episode we answer the question “What is flowback?” Topics in What is Flowback? What are the 5 stages of well production? What is flowback? What are some of the key challenges during flowback? Resources mentioned in this episode: Flowback: A Quick Guide Oilfield Profile: Flowback Hand A Mechanical Dump Valve Designed for Flowback
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Podcast: What is a Natural Gas Compressor Station? | Ep. #10

In this episode of Stuff You Should Know About Oil and Gas Production, Chase Hendley talks about his experience with the Natural Gas Compressor Station. Topics in Natural Gas Compressor Station What does a natural gas compressor station do? What are the key components? Why is a natural gas compressor station important in oil/gas operations?
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