Tritex Actuator: A Hands-Free Solution for Efficient Production

Looking to gain efficiency in these uncertain times? The Tritex Actuator provides an ideal opportunity. 3 Advantages of the Tritex Actuator You can use the Tritex on a High Pressure Control Valve in several applications, including as a dump valve on an oil or water leg, a gas back pressure regulator, or a pressure reducing valve.
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actuator valve troubleshooting

7 Keys to Troubleshooting a Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator

The Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator provides accurate, zero-emission control of control valves and can tie in to a PLC or RTU for remote monitoring.  In this video, Jordan shows you four things to look for when troubleshooting your actuator.   Problem 1: Your Motor Stall LED light is blinking in a mid-travel position. Solution: This
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Electric Valve Controller: An Easy First Step into Oil and Gas Automation

You may be at an early stage in your oil and gas automation journey. You know exactly how to use conventional controllers, and you’re comfortable with them.   But you’ve also heard about the advantages of being able to see your site conditions from one central place without driving your route. Sounds interesting, but you’re not
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Kimray Pneumatic Level Controllers

How does a Pneumatic Level Controller Work?

A pneumatic level controller works with a control valve to provide liquid level control in oil and gas production. Producers typically employ these controllers on production vessels like horizontal and vertical three-phase separators. Some also use them on two-phase separators, glycol dehydration systems, and free water knockouts. How a Pneumatic Level Controller Works In a pressurized
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Kimray R2L and Valvcon Actuator in the Field

How Kimray is Using Valve Automation to Drive Performance

What is Valve Automation? For a growing number of producers, valve automation is a proving to be a productive investment. Valve automation is leveraging the latest technology in valve actuation to introduce features like electric power and remote monitoring and control of oil and gas processes. In our experience, embracing this technology helps oil and
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