4 Types of Three-phase Separator Vessel Design

Separator vessel design is a crucial consideration for oil and gas producers trying to separate valuable resources from disposable ones. Produced well fluid consists of different ratios of oil, water, natural gas, and sediment. Horizontal and vertical three-phase separators split that emulsion into three individual components.  In this video, we review 4 types of three-phase separator vessel design:  Horizontal with Overflow Weir Horizontal with oil
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Sand Control: 3 Signs of Erosive Fluid in an Oil and Gas Separator

Sand control is key for oil and gas producers due to modern well completion methods. In the image above of a horizontal separator, there are three signs that this producer is dealing with erosive sand in their production fluid. Can you spot them?   1. High Pressure Control Valve The first sign is the producer is
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Podcast: How Does a 3-Phase Separator Work? Episode #5

How does a 3-phase separator work? In this episode, Kimray Product Applications Trainer Kyle Andrews explains. Topics for How Does a 3-Phase Separator Work? Why is separation so critical in oil and gas production? What are the 3 phases? Where are these types of separators found? What are the key components of a separator? How
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What is a Filter Separator?

Producers use a filter separator to separate solids and liquids from natural gas. Specifically, a filter separator removes impurities such as pipe scale, water, iron sulfide, liquid hydrocarbons, compressor lube oil and sulfur products from the natural gas.  A filter separator differs from a standard separator vessel in that it uses filter elements to remove contaminants rather than using mechanical devices. In this video we explain:  Why and where filter
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Line Heater

How a Line Heater and Separator Work in a Gas Production Unit

A Gas Production Unit, or GPU, is actually two pieces of equipment joined together inside one housing: a line heater and a horizontal separator. In this video, Kyle explains: What a gas production unit is Where and why gas production units are used The phases and sizes of a gas production unit The flow path through the unit Where and Why a Gas Production Unit is Used To be sellable,
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