Heater Treaters

5 Key Components of Burner Management Fuel Controls

A burner management system is a combination of products that oil and gas producers use to provide temperature control on heated vessels. In this article, we’ll cover 5 key components of burner management fuel controls: Air/ Fuel Ratio Control  Fuel Pressure/ Volume Control Burner Design Thermostatic Control The Stack 1. Air/ Fuel Ratio Control  The most
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heater treater oil and gas

Heater Treater in Oil and Gas: A Video Overview

An oil and gas heater treater uses heat to accelerate the separation of produced fluid. In this video, we will walk through separation, the different types of treaters producers use, and how pneumatic and mechanical controllers provide process control on these vessels. You will find heater treaters separating crude oil primarily in the upstream sector
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Examples of Oil Separation Systems

What is an Oil Separation System?

Oil Separation System Wells typically produce three elements: oil, gas, and water. Oil and gas producers use a combination of separation vessels, also called an “oil separation system,” to separate these elements. Three of the most common types of separation vessels are two-phase separators, three-phase separators, and heater treaters. Three-Phase Separator A three-phase separator separates
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Following the Pipes around an Oil and Gas Well Site

Oil and Gas 101: Following the Pipes around an Oil and Gas Well Site

In this Oil and Gas 101 video, we take a trip around a well site and explain what each piece of equipment is doing to separate the oil, gas, and water being produced. Well Head The well head is where it all begins. The producer in this video has drilled a well and set up
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Free Download: Kimray Control Valve Application Guide

Kimray products are designed to control the flow of oil and gas across a wide range of applications. Common control valve applications include compression, gas dehydration, gas sweetening, separation, heaters, artificial lift, gas regulation skids, measurement stations, and more. To help oil and gas producers identify which control valves, regulators, pilots, glycol pumps, liquid level
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