Podcast: How Does a 3-Phase Separator Work? Episode #5

How does a 3-phase separator work? In this episode, Kimray Product Applications Trainer Kyle Andrews explains. Topics for How Does a 3-Phase Separator Work? Why is separation so critical in oil and gas production? What are the 3 phases? Where are these types of separators found? What are the key components of a separator? How
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What is a Filter Separator?

Producers use a filter separator to separate solids and liquids from natural gas. Specifically, a filter separator removes impurities such as pipe scale, water, iron sulfide, liquid hydrocarbons, compressor lube oil and sulfur products from the natural gas.  A filter separator differs from a standard separator vessel in that it uses filter elements to remove contaminants rather than using mechanical devices. In this video we explain:  Why and where filter
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TEG Gas Dehydration Unit: A Video Overview

A TEG Gas Dehydration Unit is used to dehydrate natural gas into a state where it can be sold downstream. What is Gas Dehydration?  When you hear dehydration, you may think of physical dehydration, where your body has a shortage of water. Or maybe you think of meat or fruit that has had the water taken
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Line Heater

How a Line Heater and Separator Work in a Gas Production Unit

A Gas Production Unit, or GPU, is actually two pieces of equipment joined together inside one housing: a line heater and a horizontal separator. In this video, Kyle explains: What a gas production unit is Where and why gas production units are used The phases and sizes of a gas production unit The flow path through the unit Where and Why a Gas Production Unit is Used To be sellable,
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5 Key Components of Burner Management Fuel Controls

A burner management system is a combination of products that oil and gas producers use to provide temperature control on heated vessels. In this article, we’ll cover 5 key components of burner management fuel controls: Air/ Fuel Ratio Control  Fuel Pressure/ Volume Control Burner Design Thermostatic Control The Stack 1. Air/ Fuel Ratio Control  The most
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