Tritex Actuator: A Hands-Free Solution for Efficient Production

Looking to gain efficiency in these uncertain times? The Tritex Actuator provides an ideal opportunity. 3 Advantages of the Tritex Actuator You can use the Tritex on a High Pressure Control Valve in several applications, including as a dump valve on an oil or water leg, a gas back pressure regulator, or a pressure reducing valve.
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Fugitive methane gas emissions

Solutions for Fugitive Methane Gas Emissions in Oil and Gas Production

Fugitive Methane Gas Emissions  As gas moves through valves to various production vessels, it is typically vented by pneumatic controllers. This venting, along with accidental emissions that occur during production and transportation, make up fugitive methane gas emissions. Methane is the primary component of natural gas, making up around 80% of the gas produced from
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actuator valve troubleshooting

7 Keys to Troubleshooting a Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator

The Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator provides accurate, zero-emission control of control valves and can tie in to a PLC or RTU for remote monitoring.  In this video, Jordan shows you four things to look for when troubleshooting your actuator.   Problem 1: Your Motor Stall LED light is blinking in a mid-travel position. Solution: This
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How to set up and install a Tritex II Electric Actuator

How to Install and Calibrate the Tritex II Electric Actuator

The Tritex II Electric Actuator can be used to provide electric control on any open-close or modulating application.  In this video, Alex shows you how to set it up with a 4-20 mA signal for your RTU, Scada system, or the Kimray Electric Pilot.  What You’ll Need A Tritex II Electric Actuator  A laptop with Windows operating system  Communication Cable A mounting bracket
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How to select an actuator

How to Select a Valve Actuator

A valve actuator is the component that “actuates,” or moves, a valve open or closed.   In this video, we show you two different types—pneumatic and electric—and explain what factors you should consider when selecting an actuator.   Pneumatic Valve Actuator One of the most common actuators is a pneumatic actuator, like the one on the Kimray High Pressure
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