Mike Fick

Mike Fick serves as a Product Manager at Kimray, and is responsible for Kimray’s line of liquid level control products and low pressure control valves. He collaborates with Kimray's engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams to optimize the performance of our products and make a difference for our customers.

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How Liquid Level Controllers Work

Video Guide to Float-Operated Liquid Level Controllers

In this video, Mike explains how Kimray’s line of float operated liquid level controllers work. These are pneumatic or electric level controllers and level switches. They are commonly referred to as pilots because they are not valves themselves but they send a signal to a valve to open or close based off the liquid level that
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How to Operate Kimray's Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator

How to Operate Kimray’s Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator

The Kimray Spring-Loaded Adjustable Back Pressure Regulator is a dependable, easy-to-operate solution for holding back pressure on an oil and gas vessel.   In this video, Mike explains how it works. Why Use this Regulator? The primary reason you would want to use the spring-loaded back pressure regulator over a pilot-operated regulator is that it requires no instrument gas. This
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Gun Barrel Tank

A Brief Guide to Water Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Many often overlook water management in the oil and gas industry. There are approximately 1 million producing oil and gas wells in United States, and altogether they produce 21 billion barrels of water per year. That’s 58 million barrels of water each day—twice the amount that flows over Niagara Falls in 24 hours. This is
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How a Pneumatic Liquid Level Switch Operates

How a Pneumatic Liquid Level Switch Operates

The pneumatic liquid level switch is a dependable, easy-to-operate solution for level control of your oil and gas production vessel. A pneumatic level switch is used to maintain desired level in separators, scrubbers, treaters, and other vessels. Here’s how it works: Operation Supply pressure comes in through the filter, into the pilot body, creating a
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Stacks of Oil Barrels

Bbl, Boe, BTU and Mcf: 4 Common Oil and Gas Abbreviations

Oil and gas companies and industry publications use several abbreviations for production fluid, including Bbl, Boe, BTU and Mcf. In this article we’ll define four of the most common and their volume prefixes. Bbl The abbreviation Bbl stands for “barrel of oil.” One barrel of oil is 42 gallons. This abbreviation is typically thought to originate
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