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Kyle Andrews serves as Product Applications Trainer at Kimray. He provides Kimray product and applications training for Kimray’s sales team and customers.

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Blanket Gas Regulator

What is a Blanket Gas Regulator? 

A blanket gas regulator is a control device that holds a small amount of pressure on a storage tank.  Why Use a Blanket Gas Regulator?   Producers use a blanket gas regulator primarily for safety reasons.   If you’re familiar with the fire triangle, you know that a fire needs three things to ignite: fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source.   By holding natural
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Hydrocarbon Dew Point

What is Hydrocarbon Dew Point?

Hydrocarbon dew point—abbreviated HDP or HCDP—is a term unfamiliar to many oil and gas producers, but it has a significant effect on the processes in our industry.   Hydrocarbon dew point is the temperature at which the hydrocarbon components of a natural gas begin to condense out of the gaseous phase into a liquid phase.  The maximum temperature at
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control valve terminology

Control Valve Terminology

In this article, we’ll look at some key control valve terminology that will help you identify the parts of your control valve and the principles that make it work.  For our example, we’ll use a stem-guided high pressure control valve.  Control Valve Terminology  Actuator — The valve actuator positions the valve trim to control the monitored process. The valve actuator can
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What Causes Choked Flow in a Gas Control Valve? 

What is Choked Flow in a Gas Control Valve? Choked flow is the point at which decreasing downstream pressure will not increase the flow through a valve. This typically happens in high differential applications in a high pressure control valve in gas back pressure or pressure reducing service. (What’s the difference?) What Causes Choked Flow? 
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7 Control Valve Installation Best Practices

Looking for control valve installation best practices? Below we’ll cover 7 things you must do when installing a high pressure control valve.  1. Don’t Hold the Control Valve by the Tubing Tubing often looks like the perfect handle to lift a valve. However, lifting the valve by this method can quickly bend the tubing itself
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